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Sp.Ace and Faerytale's album, 'Doors', inspired by Aldous Huxley's, 'The Doors of Perception'.


released November 28, 2015

Music, Arrangements, Mixing : Sp.Ace
Lyrics, Music, Vocals : Faerytale
Mastered by Bob Macc
Art by Evia Art



all rights reserved


Faerytale Denton, Texas

Minimalist sounds and vocals are blended to create a dreamy atmosphere. Never has perfection been found. Only beauty.

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Track Name: Carnivore Tweed
The sun lashes its whip
Carnivorous rays, carnivorous rays
What happened here? What did I believe?
I'm shrinking from my window to the bed
Carnivorous, I've heard it said
I'm searching, but my mind is heavy
We sit here, stationed
The pitiable woman, the world weary man
We once held in our hands reluctant passions in a sphere
It was broken once we stationed the genders
Now it's carnivorous
And our bones bleed
Our longing eats away at us, but don't deceive yourself
You are bound to me
But where did that tweed go?
The inter-coursing, intertwining fibers, don't you know?
Where did that tweed go?
The most interesting part of the day, I watch the sun eat away
Close the drapes that I may see it all intact
And let us be diligent to keep our stations
Are you mad? Are you mad?!
Track Name: Colours
All the colours I see
Have taken on a new light for me
Lovely, they stand alone
Put into a centrifuge
Created in the image of you
Lovely, you stand alone
These colours, these colours I see have taken on a new light for me
I sit eclipsed
Under your spell
Lights brightening
Darkness grows darker still
So I thought I'd see the signs
Of the spirit voices in your designs
I'm locked under your spell
These colours, these colours I see have taken on a new light for me
I was locked onto roses with silver beads
Gypsy reds, we couldn't have conjured all those names in our heads
The flax in all its glory
Held to a spindle
Wheels spinning fast to make your golden threads
Track Name: Chair
There's a chair I sit where my mind wonders 'round
Gravity holds us down
When I walk past that chair
I find that it's floating along with all the thoughts and ideas I left there
I can see the math that holds it in place
The grain of its face
I can see its story, its past glory
In the rings of its soul, from long ago
It sits here for me
So that I may be alone in my mind
Looking to find...
Track Name: All It Is
I say, you say, we say
But we never really say
Glimpses of echoes
We know and long for as if we never knew
I try to understand, such a willing desire to
We both know I can't
Do you resent me for that?
Our galaxies, our universes are loving together, being together
Together we're alone
The words to explain are lost in the waxing and waning of a tidal song
I'm suffering from mysterium tremendum
All this
Track Name: Universe
I tried to follow the train of the Universe
Its glory trailed for a time I couldn't count or sing in verse
My hair turned white as glass
My eyes became the holes of vast
Galaxies raging red and blue
Thrust and pulled through to the mind of you
I tried to catch a glimpse of the Universe
Its setting beyond my imaginings
The dawn of a presence in the things we thought we knew
We long to know, but I'll tell you true
It's a difficult pursuit
For time is not
And we are caught
In the part of gravity, tender and weak
Where days and months and centuries keep
The mortal must wax and wane in the mind
While we cry like babes to grasp the line of the Universe
Track Name: Doors
There's a chair I sit in
While my mind wanders 'round
A door stands before me
Opened with the sound
Of raining colours and lightly lit suns
Of choirs singing songs already sung
When I walk past that chair
I find my favorite character in fiction sitting there
I can see the longing in their face for our conjugal place
I can see their story, past glory
In the workings of their soul from ages ago
All this from a tiny bit of wonder
Before that door closes on a Universe I've loved, but never knew
I want to see, I want to hear
I want to know more of you